Saturday, August 18, 2007

September 9th fundraiser for Ellen Mariani

"New York City 9/11 Truth" presents the "First Annual 9/11 Video Mash-up Awards Show." The best of the cross-genre electronic media progeny, newly vlogged in the Late Days: Heklivism, Doku-mashies, Floor-mashies, Footagisms, Trashies + "X": hybrids to put TV Fakery, Politics and Exotic Weaponry in sight.

Sponsored by New York City 9/11 Truth:

In the Tradition of the Lower East Side Howl Festival at the Authentic Rebel Cafe 2007,, none other than Bob Holman's Bowery Poetry Club, a Fund Raiser for Amazing Feminist, strong Woman and Stander-uper to Government "Shut-up" Persuaders, Ellen Mariani.....


Mariani will likely speak at the Fund Raiser of her experiences and will be present in NYC that weekend for other of the many events planned for the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

When: Sunday Afternoon 2PM to 4PM, Sept. 9, 2007

Where: Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery, between Houston and Bleecker

What: VJ showing of the most influential, convincing, artistic and perfect of the new cross-over electronic medium genre, the "9/11 Video Mash-up."

Suggested Donation $10. Inquire at for advanced tickets.

"9/11 Video Mash-ups" as featured on YouTube, LiveVideo, and also on other, less popular portals like Metacafe and LiveLeak were pioneered by notorious and legendary 9/11 activist, researcher and Downtown (East Village) Artist, Nico Haupt. 

Since first introducing the concept in the Fall of 2006 the genre has expanded to include the work of over 20 prominent activist-researcher-artists from around the World, working most of them, pseudonymously.

VJ Peggy Carter will introduce the main streams within the genre, accompanied by spoken word narration and some lyric, as well as introduce the newest form, pioneered by "John Connors" aka Mark Dice of the Resistence Manifesto.  Dice's concept was furthered by the young activsts at WeAreChange, .

Among the most prominent of these activists are Luke Rudkowski and Matt Lapacek of Brooklyn, who have received millions of hits for their "hecklivism" clips.

In these clips
Z. Brzezinski,
Rudolph Guiliani,
David Rockefeller,
John McCain,
John Edwards, Hillary Clinton 
and most recently Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House confronted, video recorded, and the record of the confrontation published on-line. These new genre cuts the social acceptance of art for the rich and the acceptable trend setters establishing its own raison d'etre. The form blends physical morality, bravery, commitment, community awareness, information propagation, stunt work, feat, with an attempt to compete with the Mass Communication Methods, which are known and proven to rule the life of the Body Politic.

Context will be provided in Liner Notes/ Catalog.

Ironically, the New York Post's ultra-right wing columnist, not known for her accuracy, nor for her even-temperedness, Andrea Peyser, wrote a libelous column stating that Nico Haupt, the originator of this concept art, was harassing 9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani, "9/11 Skeptics' Lunatic Fringe Target Victim's Widow", whose welfare provides the focus for our evening of art. This "reporting" was a blatant fabrication, completely untrue, on the part of NYPost New's darling and Right-wing pit girl, Peyser.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chris Brodeur And Jessica Delfino

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